About us

Cornerstone was conceived by Susan Campbell and Gail Evans in 2005. Sue and Gail had known each other for over 10 years since Susan was a student of Gail’s at Sheffield Hallam University. Between them Sue and Gail have been qualified counsellor/psychotherapists and counselling supervisors for over 30 years.

Sue is co-founder of Rainbow Christian Counselling Service and Gail now teaches Counselling at The Academy: SPACE. In 2007 she had her first book published—Counselling Skills for Dummies.

Sue and Gail bought the Cornerstone building and opened the service in February 2006. The aims were to:

  • offer a dedicated ‘talking therapies’ service in a welcoming and calm environment
  • provide an approachable service that clients could trust
  • offer appropriate help for a wide range of issues
  • recruit and vet qualified therapists to be Associates
  • have Associates who could bring a range of different approaches skills and personal characteristics
  • check that Associates were supervised and insured in line with professional guidelines
  • respond quickly and professionally to prospective clients
  • assist prospective clients to find the therapist who would be right for them.

Cornerstone now has around 30 therapists offering a broad range of possible help for many of the emotional relationship and general life challenges that face people. The service has gained a positive local reputation with many referrals now coming through recommendation from service-users and from local companies, GP practices, law firms etc. Whether you are a prospective client yourself or are thinking of referring someone please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss any questions you have.