Antonia Richardson


  • UKCP registered
  • MSc Psychotherapy & Counselling
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy & Counselling
  • Certificate in Supervision
  • Art Therapy Foundation
  • Certificate in Children’s Bereavement
  • Certificate in Personality Development and Attachment
  • Certificate in Psychodynamic Counselling

I have worked as a counsellor and psychotherapist for 20 years in the voluntary sector, and since 2009 in private practice. I have specialist experience in working with clients over 16 years old who have experienced trauma either in childhood, or in adulthood; and with clients facing important life transitions such as bereavement and loss, pregnancy, different parenthood concerns, new relationships, retirement, menopause, divorce and separation, work promotion. I have worked with many clients experiencing low self esteem and depression, who are unsure of the root cause.

As a Person-Centred psychotherapist registered with UKCP, I work to the highest ethical standards, with deep respect for you as a unique individual in search of support. I aim all the time to offer support for you, while enabling you to grow in awareness and find new meanings and greater self resourcefulness.

In addition to my work as a psychotherapist I have, for 30 years, practiced as a professional artist and for 20 years practiced meditation. I believe that these experiences significantly influence and deepen my work with clients. I have a high regard for your creative potential and spiritual interests, however you express them. As well as talking therapy, I am happy to offer the use of art materials, movement or walking, if you feel this is suitable for you.


How May Counselling Help?

People of all ages and backgrounds are helped through counselling. It is well suited for both short term therapy and depth work over a longer period.

Person-Centred Therapy place particular emphasis on the quality of the relationship between therapist and client. When we work together you will find a warm, accepting, consistent and careful listening ear, free from judgement and interpretation. This is a very respectful relationship focussed on you and your concerns. I aim to offer you a relationship that you can trust and where you’ll feel safe enough to talk freely about anything you wish. You control the length of time that we work together and the pace of our work.

I am interested in how you make sense of your life, your dreams and the world around you. Our work together aims to enable greater awareness and insight, helping you to find more effective ways of coping with life in the present and in the future. Counselling also offers a safe environment to come to terms with painful events in the past. Clients very often find their perspectives changing, their communication in personal and work relationships improving, and experience a growing sense of self-worth.

My clients have experienced a wide range of difficulty:

  • depression
  • anxiety & panic attacks
  • relationship difficulties
  • domestic violence
  • low self esteem
  • critical illness and chronic pain
  • childhood physical, emotional and sexual abuse
  • trauma and PSTD
  • bullying and work related stresses
  • sleep problems; drug and alcohol misuse
  • self harm
  • sexuality and sexual identity
  • mental health diagnosis and major life changes.

Tuesday 8am – 7pm
Thursday 8am – 5pm

50 minute appointments are £50 for individuals and £65 for couples.