Andrea Warner

I have been a trained counsellor and couple therapist for over thirty years. During this time I have
worked with many people both as a Relate Therapist and as Therapist and counsellor in the NHS.
To come for counselling or therapy takes courage and determination. Courage comes from
deciding that you want change and being willing to step into the unknown, determination comes
from that place within us that knows that things can’t continue as they are.
I will listen to you carefully because whatever it is you have come to me to talk about will be
serious and in need of attention. I will accept you and I will work with you to find a solution to your

I will help you to see how your early past relationships have influenced your present relationships.
As a couple I will help you to see what pulls you together and what forces you apart . We will work
out how you fit together as a couple and also what your needs are as two individuals in the

I will help you to understand your emotions and to enable you to experience and understand your
emotions so that you no longer feel overwhelmed by your feelings. I will help you to react less to
these uncomfortable feelings and to be able to accept them and to make more informed decisions.

I have worked as a counsellor for over thirty years in the voluntary sector, private practice and in
the Health Service.

Registered Mental Nurse
BA (hons) Social Studies and
Relate Certificate in Couple and Relationship counselling
Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Supervision
Registered Couple Therapy for Depression Therapist and Supervisor
Trained Person Centred Experiential Counselling for Depression Therapist (PCE-CfD)
PCE- CfD supervisor.

I work with people who are experiencing the following difficulties;
Depression and /or anxiety.
Loss of Relationship
Relationship difficulties

Low self esteem
Difficulties in work Relationships.
My fees are £55.00 for individuals and £60.00 for couples.

Current Availability

Tuesday morning
Tuesday afternoon