David Fong

Clinical supervision concerns relationships. The relationship between supervisor and supervisee needs to be trusting, exist within agreed limits; and be useful as a space that allows for reflection, professional development and processing of difficult emotional matters. Keeping the client’s process and outcomes is central. I completed the University of Sheffield’s training for prospective supervisors shortly… Continue reading

Gill Bradley

Supervision with soul As a supervisor my passionately held aim is to provide you with what the best supervision has provided for me. A space of safety, open-mindedness and expansion, where you can feel free to wonder, explore, and expand on your work with clients. I am interested in the relationship between you and your… Continue reading

Judi Harrison

I’m qualified as a person centred counsellor and supervisor. I believe that supervision will only work if there is trust and this can sometimes take time to build. When it does, the supervision works very well. I will gently challenge my supervisees so that they can learn and understand how they are working with their… Continue reading

Libby Kerr

I am a trained and experienced clinical supervisor and offer supervision to both groups and individual trainee counsellors of various modalities, to therapists and counsellors working towards accreditation and to fully qualified and experienced practitioners. Within supervision I encourage practitioners to engage in reflective thinking about therapeutic process and to explore their emotional responses and… Continue reading

Nicola Westwood

As a clinical supervisor, I welcome the opportunity to support your practise in a safe, educative way. We will spend our time meeting your clinical needs as well as supporting your personal growth. Similar to therapy, I believe a strong therapeutic relationship is vital to our work together and it’s important to feel comfortable to… Continue reading

Helen Drury

As a supervisor, my goal is to work together with you to think about clinical issues, skill development, and your ongoing development as a therapist. CBT is the main therapy approach I use, and I am experienced in working with trainee therapists as well as qualified therapists with more experience. My training was delivered by… Continue reading

Claire Wood

I have trained and practice as an integrative Counsellor and Supervisor, by using this approach I believe it allows me to be flexible in my approach to how I work with supervisees. I am experienced in providing supervision to counsellors, therapists and a range of mental health professionals including Occupational Therapist and RM Nurses. As… Continue reading

Charlotte Clark

I strongly believe that effective clinical supervision involves the provision of a safe, non-judgemental, values-led process, based on a trusting relationship between supervisor and supervisee. Whilst holding your client’s formulation at the forefront of our thinking, my hope is to support your ongoing personal and professional development and to support you to work in line… Continue reading