Hamish Yewdall

No matter what your problems are, it’s good to talk. Our therapy sessions will help you
understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. You’ll learn how to improve your wellbeing
and feel ready to take control of your life.
Our counselling sessions are a judgement-free environment where you can talk about whatever
you want. There is no pressure to get it right. No prior knowledge about mental health is
I have helped other people with:
 Anxiety
 Depression
 Anger
 Low self-esteem and lack of confidence
 Addiction
 Processing trauma
 Neurodiversity (Autism and ADHD)
 Grief and bereavement
 Families
 Couples and relationships
 Workplace stress
 Self-Harm

How I work
During our first session together, we will come up with some goals about what you
want to achieve in therapy.
Over the first few weeks I’ll help you get more confident talking about thoughts and
feelings. This will help you understand yourself better.
We will then begin looking at why you feel a certain way. Are there things making you
feel stressed? Is it connected to past events? What are your relationships like with
other people?

Finally, I’ll support you in looking at the changes you want to make. This might be
small steps to improve your wellbeing. Or maybe you're considering a huge career
change or a new relationship. Whatever it is, I’ll support you in working out what is
best for you.

Throughout our sessions I’ll use a range of counselling methods to help you. We may
use writing exercises to help you understand how you think. Or grounding techniques
to get you feeling less anxious. Or I may support you in doing something you fear.

I charge £55 per session