Nikki Ellen

Working with adults:

Are you feeling anxious, angry or unhappy? Does life feel like a burden? Have you been feeling stressed and unhappy at work or in your relationship? Maybe you are unsure of what is troubling  you,  but you have a general sense of something not feeling right. Or perhaps there is something specific in your life that you would like some help to address.

I can help you feel calmer and clearer about what is getting in the way of you living a happier life. Together, we can discuss strategies for how you can feel happier, calmer and more fulfilled in life.

I am an Integrative Counsellor, which means that as well as valuing you and offering you non-judgemental listening, I can also offer you interventions and strategies to help you feel better. I am a registered member of the BACP and an accredited member of NCS.

I have extensive experience of working with clients to process bereavement and loss, particularly bereavement  which a person might have experienced but not been able to “deal with” quite a long time ago. Sometimes the circumstances surrounding a death, the age at which it happens, life circumstances or the sheer enormity of a death can prevent us all from fully processing it until these powerful emotions start to interfere with our day to day lives.

Working with young people:

Are you feeling overwhelmed by  the demands of the education system? Do you suffer from exam stress? Perhaps you are dealing with the painful aftermath of being bullied and need some support to regain your confidence. I have extensive experience of working with young people and hold an enhanced DBS. Together we can talk about how anxiety, stress, anger, low mood or lack of confidence can hold you back from doing your best at school, college or university. I will be here to support you as you move towards a happier, calmer, more contented you.

I will aim to make you feel welcome and relaxed in your sessions as I know how hard taking that first step to come for counselling can be.  I have extensive experience of working in education, gained from nineteen years’ working as a teacher. I am passionate about mental health and bring this enthusiasm and integrity to my work.

I have experience of working with clients on the following:


Bereavement and loss; including unresolved bereavements and anxiety related to bereavement.


Educational issues, including academic distress, overwhelm and the impact of dyslexia.

Family breakdown/Family Conflict

Fear of public speaking.


Lack of motivation.

Low mood.

Stress, including exam stress.

Transitions, particularly starting university.

I am a fully qualified member of The General Hypnotherapy Register and I have worked with young people, aged 14-26, in educational settings for nineteen years. Since 2014, I have worked as a Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner with young people experiencing exam stress, anxiety, low mood, sleep disturbances, generalised stress and low self-esteem.

I combine hypnotherapy and NLP with strong, person-centred values. I will value and respect what you tell me, as well as believing that you are the “expert” on you.

Although my specialisms are bereavement and working with young people on issues related to education, I have also worked with adults on many  issues. These include:



Confidence with public speaking and giving presentations

Driving test nerves


Lack of confidence

Lack of motivation

Low mood

Overcoming nightmares

Overcoming the pain of loss and bereavement


Responding differently to children

Stress management

Smoking cessation

Weight reduction

My qualifications include: 

Professional Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy. (2018)

Bereavement Support Foundation course. (2017)

The Diploma in Professional Hypnotherapy. (2013) 

Certification as a Smoking Cessation Specialist. (2013) 

Certification as a Weight Management Specialist. (2013)

 NLP Practitioner. (2011) 

NLP Diploma. (2010) 

PGCE in English and Communications. (1998-1999) 

The Redwood Diploma in Assertiveness Training. (1996)

Session fees:

Hypnotherapy £60

Counselling £60

All sessions are currently available via video call or telephone.

Current Availability


Current Availability

Wednesday afternoon