Sarah Wilkins

Hello I’m Sarah, a very warm welcome to my profile.

Following a 30-journey of self-discovery and personal healing I trained to be a counsellor.
I find my work enormously rewarding and I feel privileged to walk beside my clients
through their healing. It would be a privilege to walk beside you too.
If you are at a point where you have reached the limits of your emotional resilience, I can
offer you a non-judgemental, compassionate and empathic space in which to unpick the
events, experiences or relationships that are causing you to struggle. Whether you feel
overwhelmed by your emotions or completely numb to them, we will work together to
help you to understand why you feel the way that you do. Making sense of your feelings
can help you to feel that they are more bearable.

I understand the feelings of rampant anxiety or frozen numbness, particularly following
trauma and looking for a therapist can feel like a big step. You may be wondering how, or
where to start and, in my experience, the answer lies in the connection between you and
your potential therapist. Trust your gut, it will always guide you to the most helpful
therapeutic relationship.

A bit about me: I took a route via many people-orientated roles and several degrees, to
find my passion. Through teaching adults and school inclusion work I learned that I’m a
warm and empathic communicator and I retrained as a personal development coach. I
volunteered and worked in male and female prisons, which ignited my interest in trauma
work and led to my studying Psychology and an MSc in Forensic Psychology. Ultimately, I
took a Diploma in Person-centred Therapeutic Counselling and found my passion. My own
long journey and wide life experience enable me to empathise with issues universal to my
clients, e.g. shame, loss of many types including through divorce and bereavement. I also
understand the legacy of abuse and attachment deficits.

Currently I work in a specialist counselling service with survivors of sexual violence
including historical childhood sexual abuse and I have experience, and a particular interest
in, institutional abuse.

My fee is £65 per 60-minute appointment to allow five minutes at the start and end of our
session for hellos and confirming next appointment times. This preserves our 50 minute
therapeutic hour.

Issues I can help with: Addiction, anxiety, boarding school survival, depression, eating
disorders, health and related issues, identity, personal development coaching,
relationships (family and children), stress and work, trauma.
Counselling modalities: Person-centred, integrative and emotionally-focused. I am also a
Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and am continually updating my
knowledge of the above, and other modalities, through Continuing Professional